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Exceptional Higher Education System

The UK is home to some of the best universities in the world. According to the QS World University Rankings, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Imperial College London and UCL are in the top 10 of the list. Exceptional academic systems, funding, and culture are the main reasons behind the success of these universities. When it comes to studying in the UK, most of the degrees offered by other universities are still quite exceptional compared to the rest of the world. Higher education is based on research and learning by doing which increases employment options after studies have been completed. 

Competitive Course Lengths

Most undergraduate courses in the UK take 6 semesters to complete which means that you might be able to complete your bachelor’s degree in 3 years. Most Master’s Degrees only take 2 semesters and can be completed in 1 year. Compared to the rest of the world that translates into 1 less year of studying and 1 more years of actually working on the field gaining sector experience. 

Part Time Work Option During Studies

Most students are given 20 hr work permit to work while they are pursuing their studies in the UK. Usually schedules of the students vary from course to course but it is not uncommon to see at least 2 week days free for most students. This allows students to work or volunteer up to 20hr per week. It can be an effective way to generate pocket money to spend during their studies in the UK or gain valuable work experience for their future employment options. 

The Game Changer - Graduate Visa Option

As of 2021, United Kingdom gives students who graduate from a bachelors or a master’s degree in the UK right to work for 2 years in the after they complete their studies. Students need to apply for this Graduate Visa when they are in the UK. Students can make their application for this visa after they have the notification from their institution saying they have completed the courses they needed to complete. They do not need to wait for their certificate to make their application. The application fee for Graduate visa is £700 plus £624 healthcare surcharge for each year they are applying. 

Therefore, if you are applying for 2 years graduate visa your initial cost would be £1948. Once the application is made it takes around 8 weeks to get a decision. Once you get the approval for this visa you may work in most jobs in the UK, can be self-employed and start a business, continue living with your partner and family. You can volunteer and travel abroad while being able to come back as long as your visa is valid. 

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