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We design tailored training programs to meet your communication needs in English

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Our team of language and communication experts is here to help you with your customized English language communication sessions.

We know one size does not fit all. Therefore our language and communication experts arrange a one on one meeting with you in order to identify your specific needs and tailor a unique program specially designed for you.

During your initial consultation, our experts assess your level, understand how often and in what situations you will be needing to communicate in English, and find the right learning method that best suits you.

Your trainer will set short and long-term English communication goals with you and work towards these goals in each one-on-one session for the best possible outcome.

We also hold group workshops on Meeting Participation and Effective Presentations in English where we provide you with useful language and effective techniques used in Meetings and Presentations. We hold practice sessions where you will get to use the language and techniques you learned during our workshops and apply them to real-life situations.

Please book your initial consultation with us HERE or get in touch with us if you wish to know more about our English Communication Program.

Effective presentations in English

We can help you deliver effective presentations in English by providing you with the natural and useful language you need. Your trainer will customise each session to your specific goals and needs, teaching you the target language necessary for effective presentations. Each session will also offer plenty of opportunities to practice until you feel confident and satisfied with the end result. After this course you will feel more confident and comfortable giving effective presentations in English.

Writing emails in English

Drafting emails can take time when you are battling with language barriers. This course is designed to help you draft your emails with more ease. Your trainer will give you the language and structure you need in order to send different kinds of emails from casual to business depending on your specific needs. You will be using the language and structure provided to you to draft as many emails as you can in each session which will help you build your speed and confidence.

Meetings participation in English

Jumping in and giving your opinion in meetings or even getting your message across is not an easy thing to do even in your own native language. In this course we go through techniques that are easy to understand and that will help you express yourself with more ease. Your trainer will provide you with customised target language you will need for meeting participations. As with all of our courses we offer plenty of practice in real life meeting situations and your trainer will always give you detailed feedback at the end of each session so you will have the opportunity to strengthen your communication techniques, practice and improve your weak points.

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