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The UK needs Health&Care skilled professionals

At the beginning of 2020, the world met with the pandemic of our century. Since then, it has challenged the UK healthcare sector to its limits, especially for the elderly and vulnerable care sectors. A completed BREXIT process has also toughed this challenge. To be able to fight the pandemic better the UK government introduced Health and Care Worker Visa to allow people from abroad to come, live and work in the UK. Health and Care Worker Visa is falling under the same category as the Skilled Worker visa but its requirements are easier to meet if you are experienced in health care. 

Post pandemic needs of Health&Care system

The UK Government has planned of spending for the Department of Health and Social Care in England £212.1 billion in 2020/21, up from £150.4 billion in 2019/20. The fund is going to rise for the following years. However, the high demand in the sector is not going to be satisfied anytime soon. The Covid-19 pandemic has heavily affected many sectors around the world causing many job losses. The Health and Social Care sector is going to be one of the most critical sectors to work for those who are looking for opportunities.

More flexibility for Carers!

It might be a tight competition for those who wish to find a job as a doctor, nurse, or dentist but care professionals would find it easier to find an employer due to the high demand for their skills and dedication in the especially domestic care sector. Everything a care professional needs is a minimum of level B1 (Intermediate) on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and a job offer from the UK which holds a Certificate of Sponsorship. Training and qualification is a big plus but those can be arranged by your employer once they agree to sponsor you. And you can be sponsored for up to 5 years!

Compared to the Skilled Worker Visa, the minimum salary requirement is lower (£ 20,480 per year) to give more opportunities for those people who do not have a high income, but still want to work and live in the UK, also doing good for society.   

We are ready to help you!

As Youkey, we can make sure the company which wants to employ you will get the Certificate of Sponsorship, guiding you through the application process. Our services are inclusive, and as an OISC regulated immigration advice company, we guide our clients with the latest knowledge regarding the immigration law, we make sure everything is in order and the right documentation and needed translations are ready, we can help you to present your skills with accuracy by helping you with your CV and anything else to make the application for you. We can represent you to the Home Office if the case gets complicated. 

The UK might become your new home thanks to the Health and Care Worker Visa.

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  • Grace Boateng says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My name is Grace from Ghana. Please I would like to work as a Carer in the UK. I have successfully passed my UKVI IELTS test in July and ready to come on board.
    I have no experience but ready to go through training to become successful in care work.
    Thank you.
    Grace Boateng

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