Naturalization as a British


You can apply for naturalization and become a British citizen if you meet the circumstances below


You were born in the UK whether you were:

• born in the UK or a British colony before 1 January 1983
• born in the UK between 1 January 1983 and 1 October 2000
• born in the UK between 2 October 2000 and 29 April 2006
• born in the UK between 30 April 2006 and 30 June 2021
• born in the UK from 1 July 2021 onwards
• born outside the UK or are stateless

If you are married or in a civil partnership with a British citizen:

• You must have lived in the UK for the last 3 years
• You need to hold the ILR (Indefinite leave to remain) or EU Settled Status

You have a British parent


You have another type of British nationality


You are stateless


If you gave up your citizenship


If you are a Commonwealth citizen:

• You or one of your parents arrived in the UK before 1973 which the parent was born in the UK or arrived before 18 years old
• You have lived in the UK and not been away for more than 2 years

Absence from the UK 

You must have lived for at least 5 years in the UK and you should not have:

  • Spend more than 450 days outside the country during this period
  • Spend more than 90 days outside the country in the last 12 months 

Other requirements 

You also need to:

  • Been a good character (unbroken criminal convicts and UK immigration law)
  • Have sufficient knowledge of the English, Welsh, or Scottish Gaelic language and of life in the UK 
  • Intend to make your principal home in the UK or, if you intend to live abroad, that you work in Crown service or for the UK enterprise.

You will also need to attend a public ceremony which is required to take the Oath of Allegiance. 

Home Office Fee

The fee for the Naturalization as an adult is a total of £ 1.330. You will not get a refund if your application is refused or withdrawn. 

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