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Scale-up Visa VS Skilled Worker Visa

As we know already, in October 2020 the UK government approved the new Point Based System which allows people from all over the world to live and work in the United Kingdom. At the moment the only way to work in the UK is being sponsored by an employer, to meet some requirements such as an English level of B1 and a minimum of RQL Level 3 of school degree, and finally apply for the Skilled Worker Visa. In spring 2022, the UK government will launch the new Scale-up Visa. The latter visa will have similar requirements but, if the company needs to be a Scaled-up company, showing an annual growth rate of 20% with a minimum of 10 employers, they will not need a sponsorship license to employ the assigned person.

Moving to future views!

Like the Skilled Worker Visa, the Scale-up Visa model wants to attract skilled workers from abroad but using a better and more modern immigration system. The UK aims to be the easiest country for talents and therefore, attract people from academia, science, research and technology worldwide. The current Skilled Worker Visa will remain in place as it is, used to employ people for every type of sector. 

Sponsorship Licences? We don’t need it; Thanks!

Due to Brexit, the UK is facing a big shortage of skilled workers and the number of advertised open jobs is currently 42% higher than pre-pandemic in 2019. In this regard, the Scale-up Visa will be a fast-track visa. There are currently 34.000 Scaled-up companies in the UK and, simplify this process allowing these businesses to employ people without applying for the Sponsorship Licence and therefore waiting up to 8 weeks to receive the Certificate of Sponsor, will certainly speed up the post-pandemic economy recovery and welcoming brilliantly skilled workers from all over the world.

What’s the criteria to be employed under the Scale-up Visa?

First, you will need to find an employer willing to offer you a highly skilled job and as we mentioned before, the company needs to be a Scaled-up company. You will need to hold a minimum English Level requirement and the company needs to give you a minimum salary of £33.000. The length of this visa can be up to 5 years and will lead to settlement after this length of time. While you are working and living in the UK you also can switch employers as long as the new company meets the criteria.

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