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Everything about us

An Immigration & Business Advice Company

Vision & Mission

We would like to leave a positive impact on the lives of individuals from different diverse ethnicities and cultural backgrounds by enabling them to cross borders with ease. We do this by simplifying processes such as visa applications, business planning, and cultural adaptation for them.

We take pride in customizing our services based on the needs of our clients. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible and be able to provide a solution based on their specific needs.

Our name is confusing, we know. We just want to remind everyone (including ourselves) that we each hold the key to whatever we wish to achieve in life.


Our company values are what differentiates us from others.
We are a young, solution-oriented, and dynamic team. We believe in the importance of diversity, growth, and communication.

Meet Our Team

We are a team of migrants with a mindset that anyone has the right to live where they are able to fit in. We understand the cultural and professional challenges of moving into a new country. We sleep peacefully knowing that we help people like us realize their dreams. Before we got into immigration, our team members worked as business consultants, business English training experts, lawyers, and even NGO managers. We are combining our collective knowledge and expertise to bring you the best possible all-around service.

Ozlem Alagoz

Legal Director

Özlem Alagöz has started her law journey when she was graduated from law school at the age of 22. She is quite experienced at different fields of Turkish law but when she moved to London she wanted to expand his knowledge at directed to immigration law. Now she is co-founder at Youkey Limited and enthusiast to explore new fields at English Law.

I. Kaan Keskin

Legal Director

Jack of all trades, master of none.

Kaan has started exchanging talent between borders in his University years by volunteering at global youth led organisation AIESEC.

Being able to change lives and perspectives by cultural exposure has been one of his most prominent passions.

He has two bachelor degrees; in international relations and business administration. He considers his founder role in Youkey as his hands on MBA experience.

Alessandro Farronato

Immigration Lawyer

Alessandro is an Italian National, he moved to London about 7 years ago willing to explore the opportunities in the UK and try to make his dreams come true. Throughout the last 7 years he worked in the hospitality sector and charities, until he decided to start a new challenge and work into the immigration field. He started studying to become Immigration Advisor Level 1, he passed the assessment and now he has been working at Youkey for over one year now. He is always keeping himself updated regarding new immigration rules and regulations to give the right advise and service anytime you need.

Merve Sarici


Merve Sarici is now working as a partner of Youkey LTD providing consultancy in digital marketing, graphic design and client outreach strategies. Merve holds a BA as an Engineer and a Masters’ degree in business Administration. She has specialised her career in sales & marketing having worked as a sales and marketing consultant for various international companies since 2014. Welcome to the Youkey team Merve!